Get your colors out of Colors Coder

Chances that you will want to use colors from Colors Coder to other applications most probably will not be rare. And for that reason, Colors Coder makes it fast and easy to copy any color value you want in just a couple of clicks.

Provided options to copy a color value out of Colors Coder include:

  • Copy Hex value
  • Copy RGBA value (0-255)
  • Copy RGBA floating point values

Keyboard shortcuts for the above options can be found in the Colors main menu.

Get instant code

Colors Coder is a code generator, so it just couldn't be missing the option to get any color as UIColor or NSColor code instantly.

Select your color, go to Copy as UIColor/NSColor menu and select the kind of code you want to generate. The code will be copied to memory automatically, while an alert will be shown for confirmation.

Copy or move to other collections.
Even in different documents!

Colors can be reused in more than one collections, therefore Colors Coder allows colors to be copied or moved to other collections pretty fast without any need to export them first.

To merely copy a color to another collection, select it and open any menu regarding colors, and choose Copy. Or just use the Cmd+C keyboard combination. Then, select the target collection and just paste (or Cmd+V) the color and you're done.

In addition to that simple functionality of copying and pasting colors internally in Colors Coder, extra menu items appear in the color context menu that let's you just select the target collection where the color should be copied or moved to.

If you have other Colors Coder documents open which contain collections, they will appear in the context menu too. That way, you don't have to switch from one document to another just to copy and paste colors.