Export your stuff

Colors and collections in Colors Coder can be exported so they can be shared, kept for future usage, imported to other Colors Coder documents, backed up, or... anything else you want. Exporting options can be found in all menus (main and context), as well as in the toolbar buttons.

Begin by choosing the export format that suits you the best:
JSON or Property List.

Exported data options

Three options are provided by Colors Coder once the selected color or collection has been prepared for export:

  • Share - A context menu with the system sharing options will be presented
  • Export to file - Data is saved to file. JSON files are saved as .txt, Property List as .plist
  • Copy - And paste wherever you want

Whatever gets exported, can also be... Imported

Apart from exporting colors and collections, Colors Coder allows to import previously exported color or collection data. The entire export - import process can be proved quite useful in case you want to transfer entire collections from one Colors Coder document to another. Once again, you have several options to initiate an import process through the menus and toolbar buttons of the app.

For both colors and collections you have to choose whether you will import from a file, or just paste already copied JSON or Property List data. Note that colors can be imported after the parent collection has been selected first.