Instant access to all you need

Collections and colors are at the core of the Colors Coder app. So it's important all the information about them to be instantly available. To make it easy to focus on the details, the main window area of Colors Coder is reserved for displaying that data.

Collections are constantly visible to the left pane of the app, and they can be expanded or collapsed by clicking on the disclosure image on the left of their names. Arrow keys on the keyboard do the same.

When a collection is selected, its contained colors are displayed to the main window area in a grid-like style. When a color is selected, the details for that color are displayed in place of the collection's contained colors.

Color details at once

RGB, Hex, Alpha and color profile. Data you want to see at once when selecting a color. Focus has been given to actual values, so it's easy to spot what you're searching for.

Besides that, color name and parent collection are also displayed, with the collection name being clickable. Click it and go back to the collection details right away.

And of course, the color sample just couldn't be missing, which decorates the top side of the color details area.

Similary to the collection details, a popup button exists here to so you can access vital actions while your focus being in the color details.

Multiple ways to get to the actions you need

For maximum convenience and best experience, Colors Coder provides a variety of menus plus the toolbar so it's fast and easy to find any action you want instantly.

Main menu on the macOS top bar contains properly grouped all available actions regarding your Colors Coder documents, managing collections and colors, importing data, generating code, and more. This is also the place where keyboard shortcuts can be found.

Context menus on collections and colors makes using Colors Coder even easier. To open any context menu simply right-click or Ctrl-click on a collection or a color. The following is the collections context menu:

And the colors context menu:

Moreover, there is a popup menu that can be used when viewing collection or color details:

And of course, there are always the toolbar buttons, where most of them present popup menus as well.