Privacy Policy

It is declared and made absolutely clear that no personal, private, sensitive or other kind of user data is collected or stored by Cover Face app.

Edited photos shall be shared and exported by users at their own will only. Sharing and exporting feature employs built-in services that are specific to each system, therefore may differ from device to device. Users are fully responsible for sharing and exporting edited photos through Cover Face app that might contain personal, private or sensitive data.

Additionally, Cover Face app does not store any photos in its own directories. Saving shall be initiated by users and it takes place to the device's Photos library only.

User's consent is required to:

  • - Access device's camera
  • - Access saved photos on the device
  • - Save photos on the Photos library of the device


This privacy policy is subject to change at any time if necessary by new features added to Cover Face app.

Effective since September 2019