Privacy Policy

Cover Face app does not track, collect, store or share any kind of personal, sensitive or other data by any means.

Edited photos can be exported and shared by users at their own will, and after performing the respective in-app actions only. Users are the sole responsible for sharing and exporting edited photos through Cover Face app that might contain personal, private or sensitive data. Sharing and exporting features utilize built-in services, which may differ from device to device depending on the version of operating system.

Additionally, Cover Face app does not store any photos or other data without specific actions initiated by users. Saving edited photos to creations library stores photos and other related data locally in the device, and only after users choose to perform the respective operation in the app. Stored photos and data in creations library can be deleted permanently at any time as per users' demand.

When users start either the free full trial of premium features or purchase the permanent full access to premium features, all payment process and communication takes place strictly between the device and the App Store, without Cover Face app participating or interfering on any stage of the transaction by any means.

This privacy policy is subject to change at any time as necessary if current features are changed or new features are added to Cover Face app.

Effective since July 2021.