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Last updated on May 27th, 2021

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Hello readers and friends!

I’m delighted to announce that my previous personal website,, has moved to a new location, the one you are in right now:

With a totally new frontend in dark colour and big typography so it’s easier to read and focus on content, is going to be the place for a number of great new things and material that I’m planning to create! I’m excited about that, so I’m inviting you to subscribe and not miss out what’s going to come. And trust me, it’s not gonna be just apps and tutorials 😉.

By the time went live, is no longer available to visit. All traffic is now being redirected here and most probably old website will stop existing after a while. That’s actually somehow a bit sad, as I’m abandoning my previous corner on the web almost after a decade. But life is for us to be moving forward, so let it be 😎.

Closing, don’t hesitate to follow me on any social network you want (see links on the header, footer & the about page). If you feel so, you can also message me directly using the contact form.

Enjoy your visits here and may all of you find interesting and useful stuff of real value!

Cheers 👋!