SwiftUI Posts & Tutorials

Welcome 👋 to the SwiftUI corner of SerialCoder.dev!

In this brand new section of the site I’m going to be publishing stuff about SwiftUI. Short and long tutorials, interesting techniques, handy solutions… everything I meet on my way while building apps with SwiftUI and it is noteworthy will be posted here.

I’ve hesitated a lot before I take SwiftUI seriously, after having a decade with UIKit and a few years with AppKit. Undoubtedly, SwiftUI might be problematic or offers no built-in solutions on certain features. However it’s a really powerful framework and extremely fast to work with. And I came to that realisation when I had almost finished a full macOS app* using SwiftUI in almost a week; that was the moment that I totally reconsidered. Despite its problems, the amazingly reduced amount of code and effort required to create user interfaces definitely leads to more productive days. And if there are features still unavailable, we have the old good UIKit to build workarounds.

I hope you’ll enjoy and find useful all existing and future SwiftUI posts presented here. Check out from time to time for new material, or even better subscribe and stay up to date instantly.

Happy reading!

*A brand new macOS app is coming soon… your eyes here… 👀