Create, Edit & Access Notes Instantly

With PopNotes your notes are just a click away! So it's always fast to create, edit and manage your notes.

Organize notes in Categories

Stay organized and keep your notes in categories so it's easy to manage and locate them.


Customize the appearance and apply various settings to your notes.

Synchronize on iCloud

Keep your notes synchronized on iCloud and access them from all of your computers.

Export locally & on iCloud Drive

Export your notes either as text files or as PopNotes documents to local folders or in iCloud Drive.

Import notes

Import text files or PopNotes documents easily and start editing them fast.

Get a taste

Your notes right where they should be!

Access, Create & Edit Instantly

It all starts with a click!

Accessing your notes is just a click away - PopNotes app lives in the status bar of your Mac! Start a new note, edit a previous one, or just navigate through your notes at lightning speed. Stop losing time by creating text files or opening other applications in order to keep your notes. PopNotes is there right when you need it!

Stay Organized!

Bring order with Categories

Because notes don't have to be a mess!

Keep your notes in order by assigning them into categories! Create as many categories as you want, manage them easily by renaming or deleting those that you don't need anymore, and even copy or move notes among categories! Also, apply batch actions to categories, such as multiple import & export, or note deletions.

Local or in the cloud?

Synchronize notes on iCloud

And share notes among your computers!

Enable iCloud synchronization in PopNotes settings and keep your notes synced among your computers. Don't you want all notes to be synced on iCloud? No problem, keep indivindual notes locally only through their own settings!

Be extrovert!

Export on local folders & on iCloud Drive

Backup, open with other apps, or just share!

Export your notes either as text files, or as PopNotes documents that also keep the notes' settings along with the text. Export single notes, or make a batch export of all notes from a category. In addition, exporting to iCloud Drive makes possible to open your notes from all your devices connected on iCloud.

Are you in?

Import into PopNotes

Bring notes from other apps!

Import into PopNotes app either notes from text files, or previously exported PopNotes documents. Choose the target category in advance before importing, and select to import specific files or an entire folder.

Never get bored!

Customize the appearance of your notes

Notes don't have to look all the same!

Add a personal touch to your notes by changing their background or text color. Choose among seven background colors, and pick either light or dark text color. Make notes pleasant for the eye, customize according to your liking, or just use colors to distinguish their content. Regardless of the purpose, colors are there!

With or Without a title?

Show note's title, protect, and more

Each note has its own settings!

Notes in PopNotes can optionally have a title that you can show or hide through the note settings! It's also possible through settings to protect your note from editing so no accidental changes can happen, as well as to keep notes locally only in case you have turned on iCloud synchronization. Additionaly, note settings is the place where you can customize colors, and the main area to change a note's category!

What size do you prefer?

Three display sizes to choose from

Because sometimes size matters!

PopNotes provides three different display sizes to choose from: Small, normal, large! Choose the one that suits you the best through the app settings and keep notes at your comfort!

Don't keep it for yourself!

Share notes instantly!

It couldn't be faster!

Sharing a note from PopNotes is just a breath away! Click on the Share button in the note you are editing, and select how you will share it through the system-provided options. That simple!

Keep it open!

Pin & keep

It's not always necessary to close!

PopNotes window disappears automatically when you click anywhere else out of it. But in certain cases you will need to keep it open even when the focus is out of it. In such circumstances use the Pin button to make PopNotes remain open for as long as you want, and unpin it after you're done!