Privacy Policy

It is clearly stated that PopNotes application does not keep, store or share any personal, sensitive, or other user data in any possible manner.

Notes and other data created or edited by users in PopNotes application is stored locally in users' computers. Similarly, general settings applied to the app, or settings and customizations applied both individually and globally to notes are stored in users' computers only.

Users may share notes at their own will using the respective functionality, and therefore users are solely responsible for transmitting or exposing notes to third parties out of the PopNotes application. Sharing feature uses built-in services that are specific to each system, therefore available provided options may differ from device to device.

Exporting notes using the respective in-app controls takes place to folders specified by users only and nowhere else. After export, no further actions are taken by PopNotes application and users are responsible for any additional actions or operations on the exported files.

iCloud synchronization and exporting to iCloud Drive is possible only with an Apple ID that is provided to macOS through the System Preferences by users. PopNotes does not ask for the user's Apple ID and does not store any credentials necessary to synchronize on iCloud or export to iCloud Drive.

During the purchase process of the full version of PopNotes application using the provided in-app purchase feature, actual purchase takes place exclusively between the user and the App Store. No payment or other data is kept by PopNotes application, and PopNotes is only responsible for initiating the in-app purchase process.

This privacy policy shall change at any time if new features are added to PopNotes application.