How to Access iOS Calendar, Events and Reminders Using Event Kit Framework

⏱ Reading Time: < 1 min

One of the not so well-known frameworks existing on iOS (and Mac OS), is the Event Kit framework. This framework has one purpose only, to let us access the calendars, the events and the reminders of a device, and work with them. If you have ever been wondered about how you can create custom events through your app, or how to set reminders without using the Reminders app, then the Event Kit is the answer you’re looking for. Through this tutorial, you will have the chance to meet it, as you’ll get to know the most important aspects of it.

Before we start working with it, I think it would be useful to mention a few facts about the Event Kit framework. What actually the framework does, is to provide access to the Calendar and Reminders apps, and make your own app capable of retrieving information, or adding new. Behind of both of these apps, there is the same database, named Calendar Database. What you can do with the framework is to create, edit and delete both events and reminders. Events are displayed in the Calendar app, while reminders are (obviously) displayed in the Reminders app. Further than that, you are given the ability to create or delete calendars, and furthermore, to perform more advanced tasks, such as settings alarms for an upcoming event or reminder, or making them recurring.

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