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Default Value in Swift Dictionaries

Learn how to provide default values in Swift dictionaries, and how to get back actual values instead of nil even when keys do not exist.

iOS & Swift Tutorials

Read a plethora of programming posts published here or contributed to other sites.

SwiftUI Tutorials

Find an increasing number of tutorials with techniques and how-to guides on the SwiftUI framework.

macOS Tutorials

Series of posts on macOS programming with useful tips and practices necessary when making desktop apps.

Video Tutorials

Video programming tutorials on both iOS and macOS programming that you can also find on YouTube.

Recent & Noteworthy

Failable Initializer in Swift

Read about the failable initializer in Swift, and how to use it in custom types in order to return nil if proper initialization fails.


The notes application that lives in the status bar of your Mac!

Cover Face

Hide the faces of those you love when
you share photos online!

Colors Coder

Manage color collections & generate
code for any Swift based project.
A tool that all developers who write code
in Swift will love. And designers!

Latest Video

Libraries & Frameworks

A collection of useful programming libraries and components that could be proved handy on your own projects.

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