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A custom view modifier in order to present the system email composer in SwiftUI based iOS apps shipped as a Swift package.
A customizable menu presented as a sheet that can be integrated in iOS projects. Available as a Swift Package.
Show a customizable overlay view on top of any other view on UIKit-based iOS projects. Available as a Swift Package.
Add blur effect to any view in iOS based projects using a simple, modern and declarative way. Available as a Swift package.
Integrate network monitoring capabilities in Swift projects!
A Swift protocol for fetching, caching and handling remote and local images fast and reliably in Swift based applications as a Swift Package.
A framework that introduces an alternative new way to use collection views in iOS projects!
Manage in-app settings and configuration easily with the GTManageable protocol. It comes as a Swift package for easy integration.
GTStorable framework is now available to get as a Swift Package!
A new custom framework on Github that enables any Codable-conforming type to perform file operations (save, load, etc) by just adopting GTStorable.
GTEasyLayout is a framework written in Swift which aims to minimise the effort of setting up constraints programmatically when implementing UI in iOS apps.
A lightweight Swift library for making web requests and consuming RESTful APIs!
A lightweight Swift library to get network status and connection information, and to monitor for network changes.
Learn how GTAlertCollection library can help you work fast, easy and efficiently with alert controllers (UIAlertController)!
GTRestKit is a lightweight but powerful library that lets you make HTTP requests and consume RESTful APIs in modern, easy, and straightforward fashion.
A custom protocol in Swift that lets you encode an object to JSON, convert it to dictionary, archive it, save to file, load, initialise, decode and more in an amazingly simple, fast and natural way!
GTSpinner is a custom, configurable activity indicator that can be used in iOS projects.
A really simple demonstration on how to use the UIPageControl along with a scroll view in iOS. The project is written in Swift.
A “plug and play” class written in Swift that can be added to projects and integrate the TouchID authentication to applications without performing any custom implementation at all.
The GTAlertView class for iOS, provides a way for using the UIAlertView with a completion handler block, instead of delegate methods. With it, initialiazing and showing the alert view, as well as handling the tapped buttons are implemented all together in one place.

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