Network Framework in iOS: How to Monitor Network Status Changes

Updated on September 25th, 2019

⏱ Reading Time: 2 mins

Hello folks and welcome! Beyond any doubt, all apps that exchange data with servers need to know one thing all the time: Whether they are connected to Internet or not. When being offline, it’s usually desirable to alter the user experience and update the user interface in order to reflect the incapability of the app to perform network-based operations. Moreover, even when an app is connected to Internet it’s always extremely useful to know the type of the connection, such as wifi or cellular. Nobody would like to be using an app that fetches a big load of data over a cellular network without knowing it, as that would lead to additional costs on the user’s mobile data plan. Users should be able to turn on and off such a functionality at their own will.

Thankfully, getting the required information to determine all the above has become really straightforward as Apple made available the Network framework in iOS 12. With it, getting network status and being notified about changes on it is a standard and easy process, and we’ll see its details in this post today. Before iOS 12, getting all the necessary network information and observing for changes was a cumbersome task that was based on SCNetworkReachability API, a more C-like solution. Over the years several custom implementations appeared to make working with SCNetworkReachability easy, but with the Network framework being present for almost a year now it will soon become history.

In this post not only will we see the details of the Network framework and how to use it in order to monitor for network changes, but we will also make it a reusable component by creating a small custom framework based on the implementation we’ll do in the next parts. The cherry on the cake is going to be the presentation of all steps required for making that custom framework available for distribution as a CocoaPod. Interesting enough?

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