What’s New in Xcode 12 and Swift 5.3

Updated on October 6th, 2020

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WWDC 2020 was finished just a few days ago under unprecedented conditions for first time. Virtually, all developers around the globe had the chance for a seat in the front row, being able to learn about all new features and improvements that Apple had to announce this year right at the moment they were becoming available. As always, lots of new stuff and great advancements were introduced, and once again everybody has got really excited and eager to try many new things out.

This post is dedicated to the base that makes everything else real; Xcode and Swift. The first beta version of Xcode 12 was made available on day one to developers, so everyone had the chance to download and play around with it early enough. It carries great new features and tools that were definitely missing from previous versions, and all that will definitely help a lot the overall development process.

Xcode 12 contains the next Swift update bundled, version 5.3. The more the Swift language advances, the more features we all get, resulting to better, safer, clearer and more robust code. Once again Swift brings improvements that most of them will be proved useful to all developers.

So, here we are, ready to highlight some of the new Xcode 12 features, as well as of Swift 5.3. What is covered in the parts to come is just a subset of what really exists, and I tried to pick topics as general as possible so the majority of developers are interested in them. I really recommend to go through Xcode release notes and see the full list of what’s new, as well as to read Swift changelog for details left out of this tutorial.

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