Getting Started with macOS Programming

Updated on September 25th, 2019

⏱ Reading Time: 2 mins

Dear readers, let me welcome you and start by saying that this tutorial is the beginning of a new journey and new explorations, as it’s the first of a series of tutorials on a new topic: macOS programming!

Developing for macOS and creating desktop applications is a wonderful process if you want to go down that road. If you are coming from an iOS background like me, then you will find exciting and challenging at the same time to be able to make apps for both systems. What makes it even better is one simple fact: There are lots of common things between iOS and macOS programming. Several frameworks and SDKs, the language itself (Swift), even the coding style that one has used to remain almost the same. But macOS programming is not meant for people being iOS developers already. New programmers who have started learning Swift and they want to make their own desktop applications can follow along as well!

Starting from this tutorial we are going to meet and learn key concepts on macOS programming. I am planning to present various topics for which I will highlight their most important concepts and I will show techniques, how-to and best practices. It is obvious that it would take a series of books to cover everything about macOS programming, not just a series of tutorials. However, what I’m going to show you starting from this tutorial and onwards not only will get you started, but it will enable you to build full applications and it will put you on the right track so you know how to look further on topics you are interested in. Whenever possible, we will be going through the making process of a new macOS app that will have some usefulness at the end. Something that you can take with you when finish reading each post.

So, once again welcome to a new exciting journey! Let’s go together to build our first macOS application!

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