macOS Programming: Understanding Text Controls and Building a Simple Text Editing App

Updated on September 25th, 2019

⏱ Reading Time: < 1 min

Welcome to another tutorial where we’ll keep exploring fundamental stuff on macOS programming world. Today we are going to focus on a commonly used family of controls which are vital to every application. Their primary purpose is to gather user input as well as to display certain message types to users. We are going to talk about text controls.

I don’t think there’s ever existed a meaningful application without using any kind of text control. Labels, text fields and text views are types of UI controls that are met in every application, even if not all of them are present. Due to their purpose and their intended use, text controls are usually of the first ones developers use into an app. And even though there’s not any kind of mystery or magic hidden and using them is relatively straightforward, a post dedicated to text controls is necessary so we have the chance to walk through their specific details and clear a few things out.

If you haven’t read the previous posts on macOS programming yet I invite you to do so. I’m pretty sure that you’ll find topics and stuff that will attract your interest. With that said, let’s dive in to our today topic.

Editor’s note: If you’re new to macOS programming, please check out the introductory tutorial here.

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