Libraries & Frameworks

  • EmailComposer

    A custom view modifier in order to present the system email composer in SwiftUI based iOS apps shipped as a Swift package.

  • GTSheetMenuView

    A customizable menu presented as a sheet that can be integrated in iOS projects. Available as a Swift Package.

  • GTOverlayView

    Show a customizable overlay view on top of any other view on UIKit-based iOS projects. Available as a Swift Package.

  • GTBlurView

    Add blur effect to any view in iOS based projects using a simple, modern and declarative way. Available as a Swift package.

  • GTNetMon Swift Package

    Integrate network monitoring capabilities in Swift projects!

  • GTFetchableImage

    A Swift protocol for fetching, caching and handling remote and local images fast and reliably in Swift based applications as a Swift Package.

  • GTCollectionViewKit Framework

    A framework that introduces an alternative new way to use collection views in iOS projects!

  • Handle In-App Settings With GTManageable Protocol

    Manage in-app settings and configuration easily with the GTManageable protocol. It comes as a Swift package for easy integration.

  • GTStorable Framework as a Swift Package

    GTStorable framework is now available to get as a Swift Package!

  • GTStorable Framework

    A new custom framework on Github that enables any Codable-conforming type to perform file operations (save, load, etc) by just adopting GTStorable.