Updated on October 6th, 2020

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A Swift protocol for fetching, caching and handling remote and local images fast and reliably in Swift based applications as a Swift Package.

GTFetchableImage is a Swift protocol that makes it super easy to fetch and cache remote images consistently, as well as to deal with local images only with no effort at all.

Main features are:

  • It allows both single and batch image fetching.
  • No need for custom file names when caching locally; remote URL is all that needed.
  • Fast image loading when they are already cached.
  • Fetching progress when getting multiple images.
  • Capability to set options in order to specify whether fetched images are allowed to be stored locally, the target directory of the app (documents or caches) and custom names for the local files.
  • Deleting locally cached files at once.
  • Save new images locally straight from an app.

GTFetchableImage is a plug-and-play protocol; just adopt it, and start using it right away!

Check it out on GitHub

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