GTAlertCollection: UIAlertController variations gathered in one place, introducing new simplified usage.

Updated on September 25th, 2019

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UIAlertController is a default iOS SDK controller that we all use in our applications from time to time. Presenting such a controller is not a difficult task at all, but there are a few disadvantages coming with it:

  1. It’s boring and totally anti-productive to write almost identical code multiple times.
  2. We write unnecessary lines of code, while we should be able to display the alert controller and handle the actions fast.
  3. For common cases it’s easy to remember what to do. But what happens in more rare cases where we want to present an alert controller with an activity indicator, or a progress bar in it? That’s definitely not something we do every day, so all we get is loss of time trying to find how exactly to implement these kind of alerts.

The above have been troubling me for years, so I decided to do something drastic about that: To create the GTAlertCollection library. And now it’s time to share it with the world.

→ Check it out now on GitHub

→ View exported documentation

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