GTSpinner – A custom activity indicator

GTSpinner is a custom, configurable activity indicator that can be used in iOS projects. It consists of an endless spinner which can have a bullet spinning along a circular path, as well as color trails that follow the bullet. Written in Swift 4.


Main Features

  • Endless circular animation
  • Optional use of animated bullet spinner
  • Optional use of animated color trail
  • Support of multiple colors that can rotate one after another
  • Support of both clockwise and counter-clockwise direction
  • Configurable through custom properties

Configurable Properties

  • Dimension of the spinner
  • Direction of the animation (clockwise, counter-clockwise)
  • Collection of rotating colors
  • Thickness of the circular base
  • Duration of a full round of the animation
  • Color of the circular base
  • Color of the bullet spinner
  • Flag to control whether the trail colors should be shown
  • Flag to control whether the color change should happen animated
  • Flag to control whether the bullet spinner should be shown
  • Flag to control whether the bullet spinner color should be updated according to the trail colors

How To Use It

Clone or download the repository, get the GTSpinner.swift file from the Source folder and add it to your project. See the demo project for various examples and how the spinner can be customized by modifying its properties.


GTSpinner is a UIView subclass. Add it to your views programmatically and set its position and size by setting its frame or autolayout constraints.

Check it out on Github


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