• Flavors of SwiftUI Picker on macOS

    Flavors of SwiftUI Picker on macOS

    Find out what the available styles of the SwiftUI Picker view on macOS are, and how the same view can result in different controls.

  • iOS 14 Updates in UIKit: ColorPicker, DatePicker, Menus and Actions

    iOS 14 brings along great controls! A brand new color picker, updated date picker, menus to present anywhere, advancements to buttons and bar button items, and more. Find all that great new and updated stuff in this post.

  • GTSheetMenuView

    A customizable menu presented as a sheet that can be integrated in iOS projects. Available as a Swift Package.

  • UITableView: Display and hide cells as a dropdown list

    When creating iOS applications, the need to pick a value from a list while displaying an UITableView comes up quite often. One obvious solution to that matter, and the hard one in most cases, is to load another UIView which may contain an UIPickerView or an UITableView that will list the values you need, let…