• The second tutorial on the MobileTuts+ now available!

    The second tutorial on the MobileTuts+ now available!

    Creating a Custom Text Input View

  • Working with the NSOperationQueue Class

    Multi-tasking prevents apps from freezing. In most programming languages, achieving this is a bit tricky, but the NSOperationQueue class in iOS makes it easy! This tutorial will demonstrate how to use the NSOperationQueue class. An NSOperationQueue object is a queue that handles objects of the NSOperation class type. An NSOperation object, simply phrased, represents a…

  • My first tutorial on the MobileTuts+ is out!

    My first tutorial on the MobileTuts+ is out!

    Working with the NSOperationQueue Class

  • How to show and hide (toggle) UITableview sections on the fly

    Some time ago I had written a post about how to use UITableView cells and make them work as a drop-down list. Anyone who had read that post might understood that when working with UITableViews you can do things more than the usual and common ones, and you can go as far as your imagination…

  • How to scroll an obscured textfield above the keyboard in combination with UIKeyboard notifications

    For a long time I wanted to write about a specific topic that surely every programmer encounters in his/her programming life. A topic not that difficult, but an important one. That is, how to scroll a textfield to a visible area of the view when it’s obscured by the keyboard and how to put it…

  • How to play audio files using the AVFoundation framework

    The topic of this tutorial is about the AVFoundation framework, which is a powerful set of tools that let programmers to work with both audio and video related tasks. In here, I’ll make a small introduction on how to play audio files using the framework, which is the most common task for the majority of…

  • How to import contacts from the Address Book – Part 2

    Welcome to the second part of this tutorial! At the first part we talked about a couple of things on how to import contacts from the device’s Address Book and we developed a demo app to see everything in action. What we really did, was to let us tap on a contact’s name, return back…

  • How to import contacts from the Address Book – Part 1

    It happens many times some of the iPhone apps we implement to need access to kind of information imported in ways other than the user’s input, or getting data from a file or downloading from the web. A kind of that information is the contacts info existing in the Address Book of the device.

  • Page Control: Display view controllers as data pages

    The Page Control, is a useful tool that allows to display data on an iPhone app in the form of pages. To get the idea, just thing of the main screen of the iPhone, where you navigate among pages to the left and right to display all the apps existing on the device.

  • UITableView: Display and hide cells as a dropdown list

    When creating iOS applications, the need to pick a value from a list while displaying an UITableView comes up quite often. One obvious solution to that matter, and the hard one in most cases, is to load another UIView which may contain an UIPickerView or an UITableView that will list the values you need, let…